Impact Nashville
is a women’s giving circle that harnesses our members’ collective financial and philanthropic power to accelerate positive social change in the greater Nashville area. We are an affiliate of the global organization Impact 100.  There are more than 55 Impact 100’s throughout the world.

We are better together than separate. For most of us, the needs in our community are much greater than our individual ability to fund. We celebrate the power created when we combine our equal, modest contributions to make focused, high-impact grants to Nashville non-profit organizations.

We are equal: One gift. One vote. Every member pays the same $1000 annual membership fee, plus a small administrative fee. Each member gets one vote as to which non-profit applicants will be awarded grants.

We give it all. Every dollar of each member’s $1,000 donation is awarded to that year’s grant recipients.

We are transparent. We work with nonprofit partners to help them understand the grant process, give feedback on proposals submitted and ensure fairness.

We are informed about Nashville. We enjoy the sense of discovery that comes from learning about our community, its needs and organizations that are working to meet those needs.

We are busy. Those who have time, give it. Those who can’t are not judged. We respect that different women have different demands on their time at different times in their lives.

We are all different. We represent different walks of life, different backgrounds, different neighborhoods. Some of us are just starting out and others are at the top of their game. Some of us donate hours to Impact Nashville, and others show up to vote.

But we have a common purpose. We all are committed to making a significant difference in our community. 

Our Goal is to grow our impact in Nashville by growing our membership. 

Our Core Values

Collaboration. Women have the opportunity to create greater impact as a collective than as individuals.

Equal Participation. All members contribute the same amount and have the same decision-making power as to how grant funding is awarded to non-profits.

Transparency. We strive to make the grant process transparent and fair for both the non-profits seeking funding and for the members who evaluate the applicants.

Development. We provide consultation to all nonprofits, regardless of the grant selection outcome. We commit to providing thorough feedback and insight in order for organizations to become more effective for future elections.

Fun. We strive to make Impact Nashville a community for women to connect in a unique way and most importantly, to be rewarding and enjoyable for all of our members.

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