Impact Nashville is a non-profit women’s giving circle that empowers women to collectively invest in and develop non-profits that serve our community so that we can create a greater Nashville.

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Nationwide there are 40+ Impact100s.

We Operate through women members who live in the Greater Nashville area and donate a $1000 tax-deductible membership fee each year.  Those membership fees are combined to fund large grants, which through a competitive grant process, are awarded to non-profit organizations that serve Greater Nashville. The grant process and criteria are determined by the members and focus on categories that serve the Greater Nashville community and its future needs.

Our Long Term Goal is to grow to 500 members in order to award $500,000 annually. Each year we are committed to maintaining or growing membership so that we can continuously invest and build the capabilities of non-profits that serve Greater Nashville.  2015 was our first year – we were 26 members strong and awarded $26,000 to one lucky non-profit!  We have grown each year, reaching 57 members in 2018 that awarded two $28,500 grants.  We are committed to achieving 100 members in 2019 and awarding two $50,000 grants to deserving non-profits.

Our Core Values

Collaboration. Women have the opportunity to create greater impact as a collective than as individuals.

Equal Participation. All members contribute the same amount and have the same decision-making power as to how grant funding is awarded to non-profits.

Transparency. We strive to make the grant process transparent and fair for both the non-profits seeking funding and for the members who evaluate the applicants.

Development. We provide consultation to all nonprofits, regardless of the grant selection outcome. We commit to providing thorough feedback and insight in order for organizations to become more effective for future elections.

Fun. We strive to make Impact Nashville a community for women to connect in a unique way and most importantly, to be rewarding and enjoyable for all of our members.

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