Every year our members run a competitive grant process, which ends with an all-member vote to determine the winners of the Impact Nashville grants.  In 2015, we awarded one $26,000 grant.  In 2016, we awarded two $21,500 grants. In 2017, we awarded two grants for $25,000 each.  In 2018, we awarded $57,000 in the form of two $28,500 grants.

2019 Grant Categories:

Grant Category 1: The first grant category focus is on funding nonprofits who are smaller and/or recently established as a 501c3.  Specifically, to apply for this category,  the non profit organization must meet one of the below criteria:

  1. Startup non-profits that have been operating for no more than 3 years as of June 2019, or
  2. Non-profits that operate with less than $250,000 annually

Applications closed for 2019

Grant Category 2:  The second grant category focus is on recognizing non-profit organizations that seek to end the cycle of any debilitating condition-homelessness, poverty, addiction, hunger, illiteracy, human trafficking, recidivism, etc.  Specifically we are seeking to award this grant to a non-profit offering creative and innovative services to its population to facilitate the transition out of a cyclical lifestyle and are able to show results of their services ending the cycle for the population it serves.*Please note there is no operating budget or year cap on Category 2 (as compared to Category 1).

Applications for 2019 closed.

**Applicants for both categories must impact the Greater Nashville area and offer unique services compared to other non-profits in the area.

If you are eligible for both grant categories, you must select one category to apply to.

2019 Grant Process

1. Letter of Intent Open:  May 20, 2019 – June 14, 2019 (closed)
The first step is for applicants to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI).  Impact Nashville grants committee members will review all of the submitted Letters of Intent and select a short list of organizations to invite to complete a Grant Application in each category.

  • The Letter of Intent for Category 1 will be posted on May 20, 2019
  • The Letter of Intent for Category 2 will be posted on May 20, 2019

2. Grant Application Open:  July 22, 2019 – August 16,  2019
Organizations selected by the Impact Nashville grants committee will be asked to complete a Grant Application.  A sample of the 2016 Grant Application can be found here.  The grant committee members will review all Grant Applications and select roughly 4-5 applicants to move forward and participate in site visits.

3. Site visits:  September 30, 2019 – October 24, 2019 
The Impact Nashville grants committee will then select semifinalists in each of the grant categories and conduct site visits.The objective of the site visit is to complete a general due diligence review and to investigate and resolve any remaining questions regarding the organization or the proposed program or project. Site visits require approximately one hour of dedicated time, and we require the participation of the executive director,  a board member and recipients of the organization’s services.  An agenda and interview schedule will be established prior to the visit.  After conducting all site visits, two finalists will be chosen to move on to the Membership Voting Event.

4. Membership Voting Event and Celebration: November 7, 2019
Each finalist will give a 10-minute presentation regarding their organization and the proposed program or project to all members. Members then vote for one finalist in each grant category, with the majority deciding the grant recipients. We will then toast to our winners. (Note that Impact Nashville will email information about each finalist to every member before voting takes place at our annual meeting.)

5. Grant Acceptance Form: Prior to receiving the grant money, winners must execute a terms of grant document substantially similar to the sample terms of the grant.  Impact Nashville will continue to partner and follow-up with winning organizations throughout the execution of the grant award for purposes of support and accountability.

For more information on the grant process, contact Meredith Ficken at  meredith@womenimpactnashville.com.